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Patricia G. Simko

C​anadian Fine Artist

Patricia G. Simko

Being born and raised on the family farm in Manitoba’s Interlake region, Patti spent a great deal of time outdoors, which is where her creative spark was ignited and her love for nature was cultivated.  Patti spent her entire career as a Legal Assistant specializing in litigation.  Now retired, she is able to devote her time to her lifelong passion of painting.

Patti has always been drawn to colour.  As a child, she excitedly awaited the brand new box of pencil crayons that arrived with the start of each new school year.  By the end of each year, the Peacock Blue, Lemon Yellow and Emerald Green pencils were used down to the nub.  As an adult, Patti is known for her floral and landscape acrylic paintings. Along with deep, rich hues, she utilizes numerous layering techniques to bring her paintings to life.   

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